Since 1930

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The foodstuffs preserving Industry has been, always, representing an important as well as relevant field of activity for the whole economical system in Southern Italy. The foodstuffs processing industry, infact, may be considered as the natural additional step to complete and give additional richness and value to the local agriculture, which still nowadays is the main economical source in this area of the country, as well as an activity to enhance the values and the country traditions, by taking advantage from the past experience and historical knowledge in the art of the preservation of the foods coming from the Roman time.
In the field of the European Foodstuffs Industry, the “NICOLA D’AVANZO Group” stands out for the highest standards of its production and for the wide range of its excellent products.
Founded in 1930, the “D’AVANZO Group” Preserves Industry is now a recognized leader in Europe producing in various factories located both in Italy than in the main European fruit growing Areas, the following main range of products.:
–Whole Range of Fruit preserved in Brine/SO2 solution.
–Whole Range of Glacè Fruit.
–Whole Range of Canned Fruit.
–Cherries preserved in Alcohol.
–“Maraschino” and “Amarena” Cherries.
–Red Dyed Cherries preserved in Acetic Acid solution.

The above range of products is manufactured in full accordance to the ancient recipes of the local country traditions combined with the most modern technology and the stricter hygiene standards to comply with the severe EEC and worldwide food legislation . The superior quality of all the preserves manufactured by the “D’AVANZO Group”, in the different facilities,. depends primarily from the usage in production of fresh genuine raw materials and other natural ingredients, as well as from the presence of natural flavors and coloring agents, done with the respect of the most severe rules in full compliance with the HACCP routines. The above enables to guarantee to all the customers, all over the world, the maximum hygiene and freshness of its products. After having carefully selected all the raw materials, the company proceed to the processing, by using the most advanced technology. All the preserves manufactured by the “D’AVANZO Group” are suitable for the most different uses.
The Fruit in syrup and the candied fruit, as an example, may be used as ingredients or as garnishes for home-made cakes and desserts as well as pastries made by small bakeries or industrial confectioners, whereas “Amarena” Cherries or “Maraschino” Cherries may be suitable as fancy enrichment for “Cockail” or as greedy garnish for ice-creams.
The Alcohol Cherries as well is an exceptional product in the chocolate Industry.
The company is HACCP, ISO, IFS, KOSHER AND HALAL Certified.